Cover me

me *bushy* *brave*

*Him* : I Will never leave this place
even if I can’t do it
I Will surely
chase back.
This road leads to my tears
so so love like
I’m dying calling
out your name
to love me..
*Can we start it over even If as we are dead.*
*Her* : I wish to change seasons without you
To love another without thinking about you
*I wish to raise you from the dead*
Or maybe die along with you
I wish to escape
But I dream of your embrace
I yearn for your voice
I hear your death call
But is it enough for me to stay…
*Him* : Babe can not shake
Can you keep a secret
And say what you always say to me
You want me to kiss you in the shadows of death
Can pause and change your mind
To love me
I know you wanna spent more time
This is for a long long smile.
*Her* : My darling
A while ago you stared into my eyes
Undressed my soul
And made me whole
How can I resist the tenderness of lips
The calmness of your breath when you are ready to speak a new language with me
But you shove me off each time
I want to brush off those daring tears
How then can we make all of this a fairytale
If you won’t let me in completely
Him : Maybe you left
When I needed to be reminded of the days when I made love like the stars in your soul, you light the mark you left on my bottom lip see
You can keep this memory making rainbows when your rotate your eyes in shyness I wonder
What will become of us
When we remind each other how to forget
*Her* : Maybe I still wanted to explore
I still wanted another touch
Maybe I thought it would ignite the fire in me
But leaving us to death
Only stained my heart
Your heart with a cold beat
I am melting in nostalgia
How can I forget the left mark that I left on your bottom lip
See I know
I know we can still
Make this tragedy into a fairytale….🌸🌸🌸

*When poetry is just but your life*…

Note to Self — Houston Tich

For the life in me it seems the world is filling me up with emotion and i have become numb to open up, love, hate, let go, pain, yes i have changed. not yet certain about evolving. I haven’t been breathing lately i haven’t done anything much like what most of you have. i haven’t […]

via Note to Self — Houston Tich

Note to Self

For the life in me
it seems the world is filling me up with emotion
and i have become numb to
open up,
let go,
pain, yes i have changed.
not yet certain about evolving.

I haven’t been breathing lately
i haven’t done anything much like what most of you have.
i haven’t embraced the darkness in me like you do.
i tell myself i have sold my soul
it must be true,
i keep on going back and forth,
my heart is toxic like that.

i have fed poetry a little too much.
if it makes me this powerful then stopping is rural.
what will happen if,
my mind cuts the thread lose,
will i still remain or my feet will kiss the ground goodbye
still it remains my fault
cause clearly i haven’t had the balls
the zeal to call myself human.

(c) Houston Tich


The darkness
in need to be embraced,
to be loved and caressed
but always left lonely and sad.
She flees every time i try to look inside her soul,
she is pretty she cant see but void and empty.
the climax of tranquility and relaxation ( point blank sub zero)
the end goal of peace and meditation, she has no end and
was there before the beginning,
she doesn’t shout, whisper yes.
she waits and waits in awe she makes a move.
sometimes she strikes you like a bad dream,
sometimes she comes dressed as a bad idea.
weighs you down when she enters as a fine piece of POETRY.
Like a measurements of depression, she is the sorrow and the ecstasy
i tried to run but she is patient i tried
yes i did but she like the sun she rises and at night she conquers
like demons of Africa.
The darkeness rises,telling me to live as one to love thyself
and not to loathe the other the same self

this wasn’t suppose to make sense


I told you
Let’s wait till midnight
When the green gods sleep
and the dark roses bloom to life.
Only then my soul comes alive and paints your name side by side with the future I seek…

Houston Tich


Come children of silent poetry

They is this grey feeling in the sky

Let’s sit in that dark corner and rule

There are tasty souls in the bowl broken-hearts today

We sit with our legs crossed and our fingers bare.

Our eyes screaming with hunger and our lips cracked with the sugar-crush of dilluted thoughts,

We await the long returned venture of our prodigal, silent poetry…




today I’m letting my guide down
These blue eyes deserve a break
These endless rivers should run dry
I’m protecting my own today
I’m not going to get carried away
These little things they praise don’t matter anymore
today i’m my own boss


There I am again in that corner
shaken by these silent echoes of fallen souls
souls with voices never heard
These voices are real,
They are nuclei,
These voices are slow and gentle
They are inviting yet reviling
These voices are from Africa
They speak of the pain never endured
These voices are violent as they are greedy
They speak of the hearts never broken
these voices are bridges never crossed
they speak of dreams never changed
these are the voices of the wild
they speak of real life templates
These voices are acidic
They make you wither from within
these voices are from the African ponds
They flow in rivers of sleep
these voices speak death
They don’t dance to tunes of regret
these voices are sacrifices
they are from the castles beneath the land
these voices a graves not known…

#Houston Tich

i need to feed

Cut me slowly and
let my blood flow gently,
let it flow as it fills my gallon of my existence.
i will lay my feelings down as always
but this time my tears will smoothen this paper as
words keep me at bay,
off my soul on this dark page i call skin
its cracks are maps that show
my mistakes, pain and regrets